STACY J. CLARK, PRESIDENT: Stacy J. Clark as President of Turnstone Corporation has lead the Company from inception through 10 successful years using her skills to build a reputable Company based on integrity, trust, quality of work and building strong relationships with clients. Stacy J. Clark is a motivated, personable executive who grew up in the construction industry; moved into the financial industry discovering through this professional development that she could utilize her construction background and financial business acumen to lead a much needed atypical construction business that breathes the highest level of integrity and commitment into every facet of its operation. This is attributable to her ability to lead, promote and instill the core values that Turnstone Corporation is known for and that permeate throughout the organization.

Through business dealings in the industry across all functions, she has built a reputation as a fair, knowledgeable and visionary. Stacy is a leader in the industry who is sought out for her balanced approach to business management in the construction industry – highlighting both financial and human performance.

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WILLIAM J. CLARK, VICE PRESIDENT/FIELD OPERATIONS/CHIEF ESTIMATOR: William J. Clark has an unwavering passion for construction and for building his businesses while maintaining his integrity. Over the years, his work and leadership have generated respect among varying stakeholders in the construction industry. Bill’s 45 year career in the Construction Industry began in 1969 with his own masonry company which grew to one of the largest in Northeast; then diversifying in 1974 to add General Contracting as a part of his portfolio of construction services.

His experience in the field provides his customers with confidence because of his unparalleled ability to integrate construction documents into tangible and successfully completed projects. The range of perspective and knowledge of construction through the past 4 decades proves to be instrumental in working with project team for unified understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

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TONY DaCOSTA, VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS: Tony DaCosta, Vice President of Operations has 20+ years experience in the Construction Industry. He brings to Turnstone extensive knowledge and experience in Project Management of large scale projects, allowing us to expand our services to our clients, and strengthening the core of who we are.

Tony began his education in Architecture and soon discovered that he had a great passion to build. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Roger Williams University Tony entered the industry in the fast paced, ever demanding world of retail construction, traveling all over the country, servicing clients in 36 various states. Setting his roots in New Hampshire in 1999 he worked for one of the largest Construction Management firms in the State for 15 years.

Tony has managed projects up to $39M in size. His experience touches on all types, sizes and complexities of projects. Owners are extremely satisfied with his ingenuity and thoughtfulness and he is very well-respected by the subcontractors that work with him.

Tony’s greatest attributes include his ability to think through challenges with ease, but with careful consideration of all factors before making a decision; his ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously; and his ability to keep organized and keep the project on track.

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DAVID HUTCHINSON, CHIEF ESTIMATOR: The newest addition to our team: Turnstone enthusiastically added David Hutchinson to Turnstone’s team of highly qualified construction professionals. David has 30 years of experience in the construction industry, 20 years of which have been focused on estimating.

After graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a baccalaureate degree in construction management, he spent a few years developing well-rounded experience as an estimator, assistant project manager, and project manager. It did not take long for David to find where his true strengths were. Since 1999, he has focused his career on early phase project development such as planning, budgeting and cost management.

Having served clients in 11 states, his experience spans several market sectors including commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare, educational and hospitality. Additionally, he has experience in a diverse range of project sizes from$1 million to as much as $50 million.

David brings a wealth of experience to Turnstone and the clients he will serve.

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JIM DELISLE, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT: Jim brings a unique background not often found in the construction industry. Starting his professional career in the Construction Industry as a Carpenter, installing residential foundations and framing homes, Jim was promoted through the ranks eventually becoming a Senior Project Manager. In this role, Jim quickly solidified a reputation as an honest, owner orientated individual whose top priority was making sure that project budgets and schedules were in line and maintained at the expected levels.Jim moved out of the construction end of the industry for an opportunity to work with one of New Hampshire s highly regarded and successful Architectural firms. As Vice-President/General Manager, he used his management skills and construction knowledge to be an integral part in propelling the Firm to be one of the top Architects in the State.

After ten years working for Team Design, Jim started his own Consulting firm where he used his skills, resources and experience to facilitate numerous construction projects for various clients throughout the State.

Jim has brought a vast amount of experience, knowledge and an excellent reputation that emerges as a significant contribution to every project here at Turnstone Corporation. Jim brings a wealth of experience and understanding of construction projects from conception to final completion. With his honest communication and collaborative approach, he is always prepared to work with any member of a project team to do what is in the best interest of the client.

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