Amherst Town Hall Renovations – Amherst NH

Scope and Areas of Work

The Amherst Town Hall Project was a work in process and a team effort. The plans were complete before the start of the project, but there were changes every week. How to do the work was always a challenge because of the difficulty of the tasks. The building was fully occupied during construction, which posed its own challenges because of the weight in the building during construction. Turnstone Corporation worked with the Architects, Engineers and the Town to make sure that the building remained stable and maintained its Historic appeal.
Turnstone was contracted to install a basement under the 200 year old Town Hall. The existing structure was a brick building with a stone foundation. The project included building a new elevator and stair tower on the exterior of building with footings 14’ below grade. Because of the Historical Cemetery that is directly behind the Town Hall, the work was done is an extremely restricted area. All shoring, excavation, concrete and carpentry work was completed by Turnstone Corporation labor forces while the building remained occupied and in use.