Nashua Public TV Studio

Project Scope: Design and build a new public access TV studio. The space for the new TV studio was located in a portion a large building that also houses the department of public works, transit department and the police department evidence storage. The entire building was occupied during the renovation. Renovations include design build electrical and mechanical systems; new metal stud and drywall partitions, acoustical paneling in the studio, acoustical tile ceiling and painting, specialty lighting structures and systems, offices and a bathroom.

Interesting Notes: All of the walls in the studio had to be acoustically insulated from top to bottom in order for the city’s AV personnel to be able to produce high quality television the entire room had to be free of any outside noise. A special acoustical ceiling system was installed that hung bellow the metal roof panels to stop all noise from reverberating off of the structure above. The drywall had to be worked around all protruding objects on the walls and ceilings and then caulked to produce an air tight seal. All of the electrical outlet boxes and panels had to be caulked as well. Extensive measures were also taken to ensure that the new air handling unit did not transmit any vibration or excess air noise into the studio.

The overall space for the new TV studio was only about 6,000 SF. A great deal of coordination was required to ensure the optimum efficiency of all the subcontractors working in the space at the same time. The city also had a very specific budget to complete the studio with. Turnstone worked with the architect, the city consultants and mechanical and electrical contractors to design and build a studio that met the needs and expectations of the city.